Communications Driven

If there are many things in life that I have learned, it’s that:

“Life is too short to be anything but HAPPY”    LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE

Life is too short …

  • Trust and believe in God
  • Trust and Believe and know and LOVE thyself
  • Know that you give all of yourself without holding back
  • Smile and feel warm and fuzzy when another makes your day, even with the littlest of things or spoken words
  • Make it a point to feel compassion for others
  • know when you put yourself out there, to be only you.
  • understand not everyone is created the same and to accept others for who they are.
  • Others are unique and special
  • Give of yourself to others and  your talents, and appreciate life, because another person might be worse off and if you can help in anyway, it’s better than not helping at all.
  • take a negative and make it a positive. 
  • not sit back and watch the world pass you by, you’ve got to EXPERIENCE  it !!!
  • YOU  only have one shot at life, LIVE it to the fullest!

Traditional Media Mixes

Social Media Mixes . ..In today’s marketing place we are all competing for everyone’s attention and how to get our message across to them about our products or services.  “It’s a doggy dog world” as they say.  “It’s every man for themselves.”

Well, what is a company of any size to do when planning the budget and maximizing the marketing dollars across a myriad of marketing channels?  How many different channels do they schedule in a given month, a year,  or a 3 to 5 year plan?  It’s much like the way a company has to forecast its  sales projections for revenue growth.                           Strategically placed media will yield the best results.  Marketing strategy is much like Business development,  it takes time, effort, strategy, psychology (emotional marketing), targeting, and analyzing the metrics to determine if the marketing mix generates enough leads and sales to justify the continuation of the strategy.

The most basic of media placements before this new age of media, internet marketing and advertising,  has brought not only a different set of performance metrics, but new challenges as to how to reach the target audience the most cost-effective way.  Social Media is here to stay people.  Whether that means, Facebook fan pages, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+ and so many other sites to choose where to place your message. It means you have to be everywhere to cover all the possible target combinations, Traditional AND New Media.

Do you believe in what you see and hear? It takes creative messaging to win over the target audience to purchase your product or service.  It can’t just be gimmicky, it has to speak to the consumer and relate to their needs and wants.  Oh, there was a reason why psychology was a required class in the marketing/communications major in college!

Now a days, regardless of the most creative messages written for advertising purposes, it has to pull them into the need or want factor and purchase phase.  A “Call to Action” as the industry refers to it, is a must in any advertising message.  Without it, the message is not clear and no sense of urgency is experienced by the consumer.  They simply look at the postcard or newspaper, or website,  then they either toss it away, bookmark it and  look at it later,  never to be remembered again.  This is  wasted advertising money left on the table and not considered when planning the marketing strategy.

Elements of Media Strategy:

  1. Identify  your Target audience.
  2. Research your Target audience by demographics
  3. Define the Target audience with psychological factors, i.e. buying season for the product or service, promotions, cultural and financial factors.
  4. Eliminate confusion.  Stand out in the crowd. Dare to be different with coloring outside the lines for promotions.
  5. Establish value for the consumer.  Why they need to pick your product/service over your competitors.
  6. Create the Brand experience.  Make it memorable.
  7. Lastly, go ahead and write the plan, considering all of these factors.

About CBJ Promotional Avenues:

Communications Driven ~

Event Management & Business Promotion + Strategy = RESULTS

Behind Every Event or Business … There’s a Goal. Whether it’s to acquire new customers, raising funds, getting more exposure, or just plain showing everyone a good time – the goal of the event or business message must be at the forefront while planning the event or business strategy.

At CBJ Promotional Avenues, we realize the importance of helping you reach that goal. Not only will we put together an event or business promotion, that will “wow” your target audience — but one that will accomplish your goals and deliver you results.

We provide you with everything needed to make your event or promotion an unparalleled success. From the strategic planning, negotiating expertise and logistical management, to creating and executing a strategic marketing and promotional plan-that gets the word out.

Contact us @, for more information about how CBJ Promotional Avenues can help YOU and Your company get the message across to the consumer!

Written by: Christina Blandi-James from CBJ Promotional Avenues.

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What does communication mean to you and your business?  Well, simply put…it means that there is content and sustenance in the conversation  or information being imparted between two or more people.  If there is a breakdown in the listening department, you will not be heard.  With that being said…it translates well to conveying your company’s branded message to the public that they are in business and are looking for your consumer or business to business support.

As Elmer Fudd says, “Shhhh…Be very, very quiet…”  you will hear what small businesses are trying to say.  As entrepreneurs, it takes a lot of marketing muscle and effort to convey our message.  The small business does not have the marketing and advertising budget that a “BIG” company has to work with.  So when we invest our time and effort in the marketing mediums that are best suited to being frugal….we really need you to LISTEN!

Let’s try an experiment.  The next time you are in a meeting, at the coffee shop for a meeting, or even at a friend’s house to hang out…try and listen very intently and observe how easy it is to tune the other things around you out.  Easy isn’t it?  In our society we are trained with the ability to tune out sounds, visuals, people, etc. that are not a part of what or who we are trying to listen to.  Sometimes it is so easy to tune out those nuances if they are really annoying. Right?  Fair enough…definitely if they are annoying.  But, just think for a couple of seconds…What if you happen to tune out a commercial on TV or the radio or on the internet, that could possibly be something that you need, want or have to experience and you missed it?  Not only did you miss the message while you were thinking of something else, but it could be exactly what you were looking for, but at the time, you didn’t pay attention.  Then you’ll have to go searching for it later and realized that subconsciously you saw or heard it somewhere before and can’t remember where.

As a marketing company, I am intent on creating the right message that will garner your attention and keep it engaged long enough for you to hear it the first time.  Whether the marketing medium is Social Media, print, radio, TV or events, the message is meant to be heard.  Lots of time and effort goes into creating those messages.  Therefore, we need you to listen intently, ask questions or talk when you need to, but hopefully invest your time to hear the message and decide whether or not to engage in a purchase or buy a product worthy of your attention and need,  want or benefit  response.

The other part of communication that some people miss, is the non verbal communication that takes place when someone is not listening intently or is bored with the conversation or marketing message.  The senses play a huge part in how marketers craft their messages.  In addition to the emotional/psychological aspects of marketing. Yes, that’s right, there is a science to the madness!  Marketers tap into all of these energies just in order to convey the message and get heard.  We think and over think sometimes how an individual or another company will react, pay attention long enough, and have an action that is conducive to the desired outcome, to buy, help or experience!

So, if you don’t mind, be quiet and put your listening ears on and pay attention because it might be just what you could need or want or benefit from!

Written by Christina Blandi-James, CBJ Promotional Avenues.

All rights reserved 2012. Not to be reproduced or used without written consent.

Get your Jazz on!!!

I had the opportunity to enjoy last night’s jazz show at Flanders Art Gallery during the First Friday Raleigh.  Wow….what a group, Al Strong Quintet being featured for The Art of Cool Project!  Not only did I have my toes tappin”, but some actually decided to live life out loud and dance in the back!

The Art of Cool Project is a group of individuals that come together to celebrate life, jazz and the artistic collection of talented musicians and artists that strive to advocate for like-minded awareness in the community.  They currently perform in Durham on the monthly basis of Third Fridays and now, they just partnered with Flanders Gallery, to play First Fridays in Raleigh!

Personally, with the growth of the Triangle and its surrounding areas and the cultural vibe that continues to grow, this exciting news only makes sense!  Jazz itself brings the diversity and culture this area needs!  First Friday in Raleigh has gained such momentum to bring people to downtown Raleigh to enjoy its rich and evolving nightlife and culture.  Adding The Art of Cool Project (non-profit advocacy for musicians and artists) to the line up in all the happening places to be, will be such a pleasure!

Get Back to It…SEM


What is SEM?  A lot of small businesses don’t know about this and what it can do for a business.  Not only will you see verifiable results, but you need to measure along the way in any marketing strategy.  Ever wonder why there are so many people on the web, surfing, researching, learning, prospecting…whatever the case may be, they are on it!

SEM is Search Engine Marketing.  Defined as the collection of data that is used to drive traffic to a website, what people are searching for, either by keywords, promos, contests, to get the people to visit a particular site. This is done in various ways.  Paid advertising, SEO (optimizing your website for search rankings) , contextual or display advertising…It takes a building block approach to develop a marketing strategy to effectively drive the traffic.  In this case, a business can not afford to “put the horse before the cart.” Here at CBJ Promotional Avenues, we can help you build that strategy and execute the desired marketing objectives that are set in place.

With the combined effort of SEM and SEO a website will have the opportunity for the  traffic it needs to find leads, sales, and get the information out to the people searching for your service.  Let us not forget that Social Media Marketing also plays a substantial part in driving traffic.  All those sites your on, like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin company profile, they are all relevant in the brand awareness campaign.  With the consistency of quality content, paid advertising, organic advertising, PPC, CPC, it all adds up to higher level search rankings to be on the first page when a keyword is entered.

Engage CBJ Promotional Avenues services to help in the effort to raise awareness and informational content that will get your business where it needs to be.

To contact Christina at CBJ Promotional Avenues, or 919-796-5704.

Step Outside the Box!

When was the last time you paid attention to yourself for more than a few minutes while you get dressed for work? When was the last time you actually took time to step outside your comfort zone and do something different? There comes a time and place in a person’s life when you just have to throw your hands up in the air and throw some caution to the wind and do something outrageous and totally “Outside the Box”!

To experience something new, can be one of the most “freeing” moments in a person’s life. Since arriving in my 40’s, I have tried to create, make,or do something that is totally outside my comfort zone. I opened my mind to possibilities that I never would have known could make a person happy. I started to look at life differently.

Why, some people have asked me. Well the number one reason I have opened my mind and things have became more clear, is coming to terms with my mother passing away, some 20+ years ago, at the young age of 43. And as I got closer to my 40’s, I started learning of people, either directly or indirectly, dying at a young age either because of a disease, stress ( and they were physically fit) or whatever may be the case, that their life was cut short.

Only God can answer the reason why it was their turn to go. Whether a person has accomplished so much in their lives, or they are just beginning their journey after taking care of their kids… a person has the God given right to be happy, live a little, and experience new things. If one becomes stagnant in life, and the same mundane things happen day in and day out, and you don’t do anything to grow spiritually and mentally, LIFE is going to pass you by and not even notice that you didn’t take advantage of the time on this God given earth, to enjoy the time we were given to be here.

Whether your thing is to go to the beach often, ski in the mountains, go to the flea market to shop for trinkets, get a henna tattoo that symbolizes strength, or better yet…do something totally outrageous, like jump out of a plane or compete in your first Triathlon! Make sure to create your bucket list and start marking the things off that you have always wanted to do, because life isn’t going to happen…you got to make it happen!

LIFE IS TOO SHORT, NOT TO BE HAPPY….and to “Step Outside the Box” occasionally to live a little bit. It really does make life a bit more interesting!

Written by: Christina Blandi- James
CBJ Promotional Avenues